Early LA sun rises

The early LA sun rises and you know today is going to be your day. The morning light is just right so you grab your camera gear and head down to your Lexus IS 300. You decide want to take the long route to work because you may spot that rare, and unique ride that you will want to share with everyone on your Instagram story.

On your route there are a few good spots: a Ferrari 458 Italia, Rolls Royce Phantom, and a Porsche GT3 RS… a few fantastic cars to start your morning and post to your Instagram story but not what you wanted. So you decide to mix things up and take a sharp right. And then you see it. Parked on the side of the road waiting for you.

It is the supercar you have been salivating over for weeks. Just there parked on the side of the road. You pull a u-turn, slam your car into park, grab your camera gear and head on over to that super rare Pagani Huayra BC Test Car. As you stand there admiring the sheer beauty of the Pagani you come to grips with the fact that you can now officially call yourself “The Supercar Hunter”.

It is all in the family

Cars have been a large part of the American culture for many years and for most guys who grow up around some of the most beautiful automotive machinery in the world tend to find a passion for them. The same can be said for Cody Lewis.

Appropriately named The LA Car Spotter, Cody grew up surrounded by a father, several uncles, cousins and a brother who are or were either car collectors or automotive enthusiasts. Having this excitement and passion for something as cool as cars like his favorite car, the Ferrari F40, continued to grow as the years went by and eventually helped this budding cool car photographer to become who he is today.

Monster V8

While Cody’s first love was a powerful sports car, it wasn’t exactly the monstrous vehicle that would bring about this automotive enthusiast’s first set of adventures behind the wheel. Instead, the California sports car lover began his driving career in a hand me down Mercury Mountaineer with a roaring 5.0 L V8 and a pop out Alpine head unit with a JL W7 sub woofer in the trunk.

“I had so many great memories in that car and I drove it until it died and was left in the driveway until my parents sold the house,” said Lewis.

from rugged to world class luxury

This automotive aficionado is back to digging the luxurious power that from his 2018 Lexus IS 300. While not as powerful as his dream car, Cody said that he loves his daily driver because he can open up some of its luxurious power on some of his favorite spots in California and feel like he is driving his dream vehicle.

While Cody’s Lexus is sweet as a daily driver he has been looking for a project car to build and customize. Being a wagon lover, and loving some German engineering he was torn between an Audi or Mercedes. But once he set his eyes on this 2013 Audi A4 Allroad his decision was clear. With a unbelievable center of gravity, exceptional agility, its a winning combo of comfort, capability, and driving refinement that is a delight to drive.

Cody is in the process of assembling his list of modifications while joining every Audi club, Wagon club and German car club he can in the LA area.

Part of the Story

As a lover of classic automobiles, this enthusiast even enjoys the smell of a legend.

 “When a car is treated the right way, the smell is part of the story,” said Cody. “With that comes the story of the owner/s and what that car went through.”

As Cody reminds us, when you sit in an unrestored 60s Maserati you can smell the worn-in Italian leather, the oil and the exhaust, which is all part of this popular roadster’s personality. “The new car smell feels clean and sterile, but that is actually the smell of vapors from chemicals from the air conditioning and glue that really is not good for you,” said Cody. “New sneaker smell… sign me up because I will take the right old car over new car any day!”


When most male sports car lovers think of the perfect date, they are sure to say that they would begin this night by picking the hot babe up in an equally hot speed machine. The same can not be said for the LA Car Spotter. Claiming that he does not want a girl that he has to impress with the kind of car that he drives, Cody says that he would probably just pick up the girl of his dreams in a 1999 Honda Civic hatchback.

“If she really likes you then she will like you driving anything,” said Cody. “Don’t get me wrong though, I also like the idea of picking her up in a red 1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible with a monster V8 engine, red and white accents and lots of chrome.

“If she really likes you then she will like you driving anything,” said Cody. 

it’s a different world out there

So, how did this furniture aficionado become a successful automotive photographer? After leaving his home in New York and moving to sunny California, Cody found his way back to his first love – automotive artwork.

“It is definitely a different world out here in LA,” said Cody. “There are so many amazing cars driving around here all year round.”

After feeding his passion for taking pictures of some of the hottest cars on roads throughout this popular California city with his hard working iPhone, Cody began his popular LA Car Spotter Instagram channel. A short year later this born to be hot car photographer both gained a loyal following and even had automotive companies beating his door down to capture their vehicles behind his lens for fans all over the world.

“This all started with my trying to take my phone out as fast as I can when a cool car would ride by so that I could send a picture to my friends back in New York,” said Cody. “When I realized that my camera roll was primarily cars, I started my Instagram channel, but I never dreamed that it would take me this far.”

Along with doors opening to a fantastic new career, Cody has also begun to immerse himself in the varied car cultures available along with the people who are most passionate about each model. So, no matter whether you are driving a lowrider, an exotic, a street racer or even spend every second that you can with LA’s premier automotive enthusiast’s club – the Malibu Autobahn – you are sure to catch Cody Lewis and his camera catching some of the coolest scenery any automotive lover has ever seen.

Rubbing Elbows

It’s not always just about cars for Cody. He loves having the chance to meet the people at various meets and events throughout the LA area. Cody never gives up on the opportunity to meet and chat with a vehicle owner. He may even ask you to pull over so he can get those ever so epic shots for his Instagram account if he spots you riding the roads of Beverly Hills. From the famous automotive superheros people like Horacio Pagani, Magnus Walker, Manny Khoshbin, Jay Leno, Christian von Koenigsegg he loves to connect and say hi to everyone who is just as passionate about cars as he is.

Outside the Car

Along with his passion for cars, this car spotter also has a talent for industrial design, namely in the world of furniture design. After growing up in a home that his grandmother furnished with trendy furniture from the 50s and 60s, the born to be furniture designer decided that he would learn to build some of the most stylish and chic furniture on the market today.

I take my coffee black. I’m a purist... and I’m lactose intolerant.

Cody Lewis

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