It all started with a Matchbox car.

Enzo has had pure joy for everything automotive from the very first moment his dad purchased a collection of Matchbox cars for him to play with. He recalls playing with them for hours upon end as a child. From that moment on he was hooked, and there was no going back.


He liked building and enjoying model replicas and decorating his computer with car wallpapers. He was most enthusiastic about exotic and muscle cars. It’s what defined Enzo as a car guy today. He’s not one to take sides with one particular group. Instead, he chooses to enjoy both, to taste all flavors and revel in them. Who says you can’t be a muscle car guy and one loving exotics at the same time? Enzo is proof that all cars are special and unique, and that by taking a side you’re only denying yourself the experience.

Elegant lines.Amazing Curves.

So what was his first love? The Porsche 911. It was his first automotive love and one that has stuck with him through all the years. Enzo says he really likes the timeless curves and elegant lines the car possesses, and who can blame him. It’s a never-aging design that has been original and unique for more than 50 years.

My littlePony.

Enzo enjoys his 2015 Mercedes GLK for the day-to-day commute but his 2016 Mustang GT with the Performance Pack is his baby. The GLK is, well, a really good SUV, but it’s the Mustang that provides him with a pick-me-up. The modern twist on the classic Mustang lines and characteristics is what drew Enzo in. Well, that and the new coyote motor. Enzo really enjoys the 435-hp power (who wouldn’t), and can get a little rev-happy at times with the 5.0-liter V-8.

On the days Enzo takes his pony to work he takes a longer route tearing up through twisty roads and open fields to fully enjoy his ride. It may take 15 minutes longer to get home but it’s an extra 15 minutes well spent.

At one point, Enzo owned a fully built Honda S2000 which even took on a Porsche and managed to stay with it. Over a single shot of Espresso Enzo reminisces to that moment as his most memorable one, slightly sad that he no longer has the S2000.

That just isn't gonna work.

On the topic of the future of cars, he didn’t really seem that keen or passionate. He understands the need for self-driving cars as well as their practicality and purpose, but claims that for true car enthusiasts like himself, that just isn’t going to work. Enthusiasts want performance, noise, and most importantly, the ability to do all the hard work themselves.

It may take 15 minutes longer to get home but it’s an extra 15 minutes well spent.