Smoke, tire squeal and sliding sideways.

A passion for anything involving wheels and an engine from a very young age, Riccardo Guidetti didn’t just like cars, but he actually understood cars. He was able to name nearly every manufacturer and model by the age of 6. One of his favorite games involved guessing rim sizes and equipment on any given vehicle. If that doesn’t speak automotive passion we don't know what does.


His ultimate dream car, the one he fell in love with first, was the Lamborghini Diablo, one of the very few vehicles which decorated nearly every young boy’s bedroom back in the 1990’s. The color of choice for Riccardo is purple (which matches his outgoing personality we would say).

Second place is not a defeat.It's the start.

Riccardo also know as "Piddy" is living life going sideways for a reason. After months of watching online videos and dreaming of running in a drift competition, He gave into the temptation, and booked a course at the school of "Solocurveditraverso" and set his sights on making it as a drifter. In his very first season in the Italian drift Championship he placed 2nd in one of the races. Truly a memorable moment for him.

His competition car is a beastly BMW M3. He fell in love with its amazing, balanced chassis, responsive power delivery and a soundtrack to die for. He currently also owns a brand-new Smart vehicle, obviously for daily driving purposes, and a Volkswagen Amarok used to ferry stuff on racing weekends.

Espresso, a GT-R and Scarlet

Sometimes you can catch Riccardo sipping his espresso, daydreaming about the time he drove a Nissan GT-R R35 to over 300 km/h. His thoughts can wonder off in a different direction however. Ones involving Scarlet Johansson and a fantasy date. And of course, she would be the one paying for the meal. :) Given the choice Rob would take an R34 GT-R on his first date with her, but knowing Riccardo, he may just decide to ditch Scarlett and take the car. Less distractions equals more focus on the driving.

Rear wheel drive, a shifter and a road witha few curves is all i need.

Riccardo Guidetti