The Supercar Hunter - Cody Lewis

Early LA sun rises

The early LA sun rises and you know today is going to be your day. The morning light is just right so you grab your camera gear and head down to your Lexus IS 300. You decide want to take the long route to work because you may spot that rare, and unique ride that you will want to share with everyone on your Instagram story.

On your route there are a few good spots: a Ferrari 458 Italia, Rolls Royce Phantom, and a Porsche GT3 RS… a few fantastic cars to start your morning and post to your Instagram story but not what you wanted. So you decide to mix things up and take a sharp right. And then you see it. Parked on the side of the road waiting for you.

It is the supercar you have been salivating over for weeks. Just there parked on the side of the road. You pull a u-turn, slam your car into park, grab your camera gear and head on over to that super rare Pagani Huayra BC Test Car. As you stand there admiring the sheer beauty of the Pagani you come to grips with the fact that you can now officially call yourself “The Supercar Hunter”.

It is all in the family

Cars have been a large part of the American culture for many years and for most guys who grow up around some of the most beautiful automotive machinery in the world tend to find a passion for them. The same can be said for Cody Lewis.

Appropriately named The LA Car Spotter, Cody grew up surrounded by a father, several uncles, cousins and a brother who are or were either car collectors or automotive enthusiasts. Having this excitement and passion for something as cool as cars like his favorite car, the Ferrari F40, continued to grow as the years went by and eventually helped this budding cool car photographer to become who he is today.

Monster V8

While Cody’s first love was a powerful sports car, it wasn’t exactly the monstrous vehicle that would bring about this automotive enthusiast’s first set of adventures behind the wheel. Instead, the California sports car lover began his driving career in a hand me down Mercury Mountaineer with a roaring 5.0 L V8 and a pop out Alpine head unit with a JL W7 sub woofer in the trunk.

“I had so many great memories in that car and I drove it until it died and was left in the driveway until my parents sold the house,” said Lewis.

from rugged to world class luxury

This automotive aficionado is back to digging the luxurious power that from his 2018 Lexus IS 300. While not as powerful as his dream car, Cody said that he loves his daily driver because he can open up some of its luxurious power on some of his favorite spots in California and feel like he is driving his dream vehicle.

While Cody’s Lexus is sweet as a daily driver he has been looking for a project car to build and customize. Being a wagon lover, and loving some German engineering he was torn between an Audi or Mercedes. But once he set his eyes on this 2013 Audi A4 Allroad his decision was clear. With a unbelievable center of gravity, exceptional agility, its a winning combo of comfort, capability, and driving refinement that is a delight to drive.

Cody is in the process of assembling his list of modifications while joining every Audi club, Wagon club and German car club he can in the LA area.

Part of the Story

As a lover of classic automobiles, this enthusiast even enjoys the smell of a legend.

 “When a car is treated the right way, the smell is part of the story,” said Cody. “With that comes the story of the owner/s and what that car went through.”

As Cody reminds us, when you sit in an unrestored 60s Maserati you can smell the worn-in Italian leather, the oil and the exhaust, which is all part of this popular roadster’s personality. “The new car smell feels clean and sterile, but that is actually the smell of vapors from chemicals from the air conditioning and glue that really is not good for you,” said Cody. “New sneaker smell… sign me up because I will take the right old car over new car any day!”


When most male sports car lovers think of the perfect date, they are sure to say that they would begin this night by picking the hot babe up in an equally hot speed machine. The same can not be said for the LA Car Spotter. Claiming that he does not want a girl that he has to impress with the kind of car that he drives, Cody says that he would probably just pick up the girl of his dreams in a 1999 Honda Civic hatchback.

“If she really likes you then she will like you driving anything,” said Cody. “Don’t get me wrong though, I also like the idea of picking her up in a red 1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible with a monster V8 engine, red and white accents and lots of chrome.

“If she really likes you then she will like you driving anything,” said Cody. 

it’s a different world out there

So, how did this furniture aficionado become a successful automotive photographer? After leaving his home in New York and moving to sunny California, Cody found his way back to his first love – automotive artwork.

“It is definitely a different world out here in LA,” said Cody. “There are so many amazing cars driving around here all year round.”

After feeding his passion for taking pictures of some of the hottest cars on roads throughout this popular California city with his hard working iPhone, Cody began his popular LA Car Spotter Instagram channel. A short year later this born to be hot car photographer both gained a loyal following and even had automotive companies beating his door down to capture their vehicles behind his lens for fans all over the world.

“This all started with my trying to take my phone out as fast as I can when a cool car would ride by so that I could send a picture to my friends back in New York,” said Cody. “When I realized that my camera roll was primarily cars, I started my Instagram channel, but I never dreamed that it would take me this far.”

Along with doors opening to a fantastic new career, Cody has also begun to immerse himself in the varied car cultures available along with the people who are most passionate about each model. So, no matter whether you are driving a lowrider, an exotic, a street racer or even spend every second that you can with LA’s premier automotive enthusiast’s club – the Malibu Autobahn – you are sure to catch Cody Lewis and his camera catching some of the coolest scenery any automotive lover has ever seen.

Rubbing Elbows

It’s not always just about cars for Cody. He loves having the chance to meet the people at various meets and events throughout the LA area. Cody never gives up on the opportunity to meet and chat with a vehicle owner. He may even ask you to pull over so he can get those ever so epic shots for his Instagram account if he spots you riding the roads of Beverly Hills. From the famous automotive superheros people like Horacio Pagani, Magnus Walker, Manny Khoshbin, Jay Leno, Christian von Koenigsegg he loves to connect and say hi to everyone who is just as passionate about cars as he is.

Outside the Car

Along with his passion for cars, this car spotter also has a talent for industrial design, namely in the world of furniture design. After growing up in a home that his grandmother furnished with trendy furniture from the 50s and 60s, the born to be furniture designer decided that he would learn to build some of the most stylish and chic furniture on the market today.

I take my coffee black. I’m a purist... and I’m lactose intolerant.

Cody Lewis

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    Olivia Scaffidi Automotive Photography

    hit the street burning rubber

    Olivia’s first love was a car which is single-handedly responsible for an entire generation of car enthusiasts and continues to capture the imagination of young and old even today. We’re not talking about any car, however. Oh no, this car is a movie star, one that debuted 40 years ago in theaters and drive-ins across North America. A starlight Black Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. Have you guessed? We’re talking about Smokey and the Bandit’s 1977 Pontiac Trans Am.

    Ever since Olivia saw the movie and the Trans Am emerge from the back of the Bandit’s truck and hit the street burning rubber in front of Snowman’s house she has had goosebumps that have never left. To say Olivia is a little obsessed with this car is an understatement.

    olivia_scaffid photography

    The F Doesn't Stop Here

    Olivia loves photography, and in particular, she loves automotive photography. She’s been pursuing that passion for three years, and she has no intention of stopping. She was introduced to automotive photography randomly thanks to an interesting turn of events. A photography class she attended in high school required Olivia to photograph and capture just one object, covering all the little details of it. She immediately thought of her friend’s dad’s 1967 Ford Mustang fastback and he rather happily agreed to let her photograph the car.

    Automotive photography is an art in and of itself. As Olivia told us, you can be extremely creative when shooting cars, whether that’s your choice of setting, lighting, angle, or ultimately, the car itself. Each of these components considered together complete the entire photograph, making it unique and when done correctly, memorable. It’s also interesting seeing how different people capture the same subject at the same time and place. Naturally, it also helps to love and appreciate the inner mechanical workings of a car and its details, as has Olivia pointed out.

    We asked Olivia what her favorite setting to photograph a car is, and after some thought, she gave us the answer. Her favorite time of the day to shoot a car is at sunset or the “golden hour”, simply because of the ease with which you can manipulate the light. She also prefers to shoot in a nature-type setting since the contrast between a natural background and a mechanical subject makes the photo really “pop”.

    Olivia’s favorite automotive photo features a 1970 Corvette belonging to a friend of hers named Garret and an undisclosed location in Valley, California. The blend of a gorgeous location, perfect composition and incredible lighting made for a “one in a million” photo. Quite often pictures don’t do cars justice, but that particular photo Olivia showed me really took my breath away.

    olivia_scaffid photography

    An ES350 and a 350 small block

    Olivia’s daily driver is a Lexus ES350, a reliable and dependable workhorse with a stellar reputation. As Olivia herself claims, the Lexus is probably the ideal daily driver, having taken her on some incredibly long road trips throughout the US.

    However, that’s not the only car in Olivia’s garage. She, and her boyfriend own and are in the process of restoring a 1971 Chevy El Camino. A project which has been in the works for around 2 years. The El Camino was bought in California and is currently kept at her boyfriend’s house where both of them work on it in their spare time.

    The car recently underwent a transmission swap and now houses one of the toughest trannies ever built, the t56. Currently, they are in the process of rebuilding the 350 small block.

    It’ll be a real fun drive once it’s finished, I can guarantee you that.

    Olivia Scaffidi

    So does this take you back? Back to the future?

    Most people would love to have a dinner with a celebrity, but Olivia gave us a slightly different answer when we asked her who she’d like to have a one-time dinner with whether that person be living or dead. Olivia told us he’s one of her greatest inspirations, from the very early days when he started out working at GM all the way to his peak, leaving the big corporation and starting his own car company. The fact that he designed her favorite car of all time, the Pontiac Firebird, is really just the cherry on top of the cake. Rather interestingly enough, Olivia would like to have dinner with John DeLorean.

    Olivia Scaffidi
    Olivia Scaffidi Photography

    it was sketchy and it was fast

    Olivia’s best car moment in the last couple of months involves a 1969 Chevy Camaro belonging to her friend Danny. With a turbocharged 5.3 and a proper 6-speed, it was as fast as it was sketchy, as Olivia was quick to point out. They went for a drive through the back roads in Camarillo, California, having a great, memorable cruise.

    Most of us enjoy twisty, empty roads, and Olivia is no exception to that rule. She enjoys driving along Forks of the Credit, a beautiful, relatively empty road which is both scenic to look at and fun to drive on. She mentioned that the stretch of road expanding to Grand Bend Motorplex is also rather spectacular. Olivia loves driving that road during her regular visits to Motorplex to watch drag racing.

    They’re genuine

    Olivia looks up to several great guys and girls in the car industry. Her most memorable moment was hanging out with David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan from Motor Trend’s Roadkill in Pontiac, Michigan during one of their infamous Roadkill Nights. She says they’ve been her heroes for years now, so to be able to have dinner with them and chat about cars was simply surreal. According to Olivia, they’re as genuine in person as they seem in the show, much to the surprise of no one really.

    Nothing quite like that old car smell.


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      The Canyon Carver - Damon Jones

      Those Italians Seem to start it all

      As most young boys, Damon’s passion for cars stemmed from his father. He frequently used to read and re-read the car magazines his father bought, and things sort of escalated from there. His most beloved car magazine was one which featured the wonderful De Tomaso Pantera, a magazine he still has in his possession to this very day.

      Needless to say, the De Tomaso has stuck with him ever since and has became his first car love. This admiration expanded from there on, with wonderful editions such as the Lamborghini Countach, the Ferrari F40, and the brilliant Porsche 911 Turbo. His childhood dream of owning a black Porsche 911 did become a reality later on in his life, but we’ll get to that in a second.

      A tiny 1.1-liter engine

      Damon’s first car was, unsurprisingly, was not an exotic. Like most of us, he received an ordinary car from his dad on which he could learn. In his case, that was a Rover Metro with a tiny 1.1-liter engine. He says it was a great basis for learning, but one of the slowest things on the road.

      Damon’s current fleet is more impressive than the first Metro he started with. He currently owns a Porsche Cayman GT4 finished in gorgeous Carmine Red, as well as a BMW i3 Range Extender. His childhood dream of owning a 911 was finally realized last year in the shape of a 991 Carrera S. Finished in Jet Black with upgraded Turbo wheels, Porsche Sport Design front splitter and side mirrors, this car had to be sold in order to make room for the GT4 we mentioned earlier. (quite the upgrade if we’re being honest.)

      the canyon carver

      The i3 is his daily driver and the GT4 is a fun canyon carver. Damon says that the i3 is not as exciting as his previous BMW, an M4 finished in Mineral White, but it does come with its own advantages. For starters it’s awfully economical, he reckons he’s spent less than $10 in gas in the last year alone. There’s a similarity in its controls to those found in the M4, plus it keeps him closer to the BMW brand, which he claims he adores.

      As for the weekends, Damon claims he’s extremely fortunate to live just down the road from Angeles Crest Highway, the famous twisting part of the Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles. A Cayman GT4 together with an incredible ribbon of tarmac make for some epic drives.

      Damon’s a fan of new and old cars just as equally.  Which is hardly a surprise given his wide range of car ownership history. He’s particularly attracted to that old car smell. Especially those old leather seats.

      I'll swing by around 10:00 with my wings

      If he had to pick any car for a first date you would see him arrive with the most timeless vehicle of all time: a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing.

      He lives and breathes cars

      Damon is not just your average car enthusiast though. He lives and breathes cars, and he does it for a living. He finished Birmingham University with a Bachelor of Engineering and immediately started working at MG Rover. After several years he migrated to yet another British car manufacturer you may have heard of: Aston Martin Lagonda. You think most people would be set for life working for such a prestigious company, but not Damon. Six years later we find him in yet another British firm, this time perhaps the biggest one of them all: McLaren Automotive.

      Working at McLaren was a blast for Damon. He’s one of the parties involved in the MP4-12C, the original McLaren supercar, which kick started the company after its F1 car back in the late 90’s as well as other notable projects such as the 650S, 675LT, 650LM, P1, 570S, 540C and 720S. As Damon himself likes to put it: ‘They all just have two doors and four wheels in the end’.  He fully enjoys the growth of a company but once they are all organized and churning out different variations of the same thing it becomes less exciting for him. Damon loves a challenge.

      He visited Singer Vehicle Design in search of a new challenge, and that’s exactly what he found.  A brand with a solid reputation and massive potential. Singer Vehicle Design is a company that restores and reimagines Porsche 911’s (1989-94).  They take these now classics and reinvigorate them into automotive pieces of art, both inside and out. Modern Porsche’s envy the build quality and materials in a Singer, so why wouldn’t Damon join the major nerd-fest going on there as the Vice President of Singer Vehicle Design.

      Damon is presented with many opportunities to drive a lot of incredible cars in his line of work, but he’s so infatuated by his Cayman GT4 that he often turns some of them down just so that he can enjoy his own Porsche. This automobile is a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive sports car with a proper six-speed manual and is a thing to behold. Damon says he loves the way the car drives and how connected it feels to the driver.

      Damon’s other love, besides cars, is architecture. He often visits homes with architectural significance or does a drive by (without any guns) whenever he can. You can say he’s found a way to combine his two greatest passions in life (driving cars, and architecture). Though he loved London and its architecture, Damon says LA has really spoiled him. The incredible buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Schindler and Richard Neutra never cease to amaze him. Recently Damon has had the pleasure of moving into a mid century modern house in silver lake designed by architect Allyn E. Morris who was an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright’s.

      Photo’s graciously contributed by:  Victory Jon – Website: | Hastaviz Hovo –  Website:  IG: hovpro  |  Pablo – IG: @pj_213la  | Mason Kuehler – Website:  IG: @speed.exclusive  |  Ted7 – Website:  IG: @iamted7  | Alex Penfold – IG: @alexpenfold

      Starting every day with a velvety smooth nitro cold Starbuck’s freddo.

      Damon Jones

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        Manda 'Mew' Marza

        A girl who just likes to keep her BMW clean. - Manda 'Mew' Marza

        Her first true automotive love.

        Manda’s love for cars began at an early age, starting with American muscle. Her dad, who is an avid Shelby Mustang collector, taught her that a proper car needs to have a V8 and burn rubber. He believed cars need to be driven hard, sound good, and occasionally scare the shit out of you. Unfortunately, Manda was never allowed to drive one of those glistening collector cars and had
        to settle for white-knuckle experiences from the passenger seat.

        It wasn’t until college where Manda learned performance driving from her boyfriend on his JDM cars. She first learned how to drive a manual on a Nissan 370Z with an aftermarket flywheel, which resulted in constant burnt clutch fumes and cringed faces. Luckily, learning on a difficult manual let her command the clutch on Subaru STI’s and Mitsubishi Evo’s with ease. The sound from downsized and often turbocharged engines took some getting used to, but the STI in particular had and probably will always remain one of her all-time favorite cars. JDM cars had unmatched responsiveness and a certain level of rawness that reminded her of those old Shelby cars in her dad’s garage.

        The pinnacle of automotive engineering.

        It’s hard to choose a favorite car when your dad has accumulated a collection of old and valuable cars in his garage. But it’s less difficult when one of those cars is a 1969 Shelby GT500. Naturally, it was the centerpiece of his garage and it was true first automotive love for Manda’s after college. Having learned manual on some of the most difficult production cars, she was finally allowed to slip behind the wheel of one of the most coveted American car’s in existence. It’s muscular lines, intimidating sounds and complete rawness of the car captivates her every time she turned the ignition. That is until the transmission caught on fire, at no fault of her own of course!


        A naturally-aspirated tune

        Manda loved the V8’s in her dad’s American cars, but also loved the handling of the JDM cars she grew up with in college. After test driving over a dozen sports cars, only one car met all of her needs… the BMW E92 M3. The race derived BMW V8 engine develops more than 400 horsepower as it screams to 8400 RPM.  The nimble chassis also makes the E92 one of the best handling performance coupe’s of all-time. BMW wasn’t afraid to put responsiveness and speed above all else in that M3. It’s agile, fast, comfortable and above all, cool. AMG’s are for older gentlemen who sip fine scotch and RS’ are driven by wine snobs. The E92 M3 on the other hand are for
        those who don’t mind tequila shots.

        You can say Manda is a little obsessed (perhaps obsessed is understatement) with keeping her M3 clean. Like her dad, Manda also thinks cars should be driven hard, but they also need to look the part. At any given time, her M3 has at least a few layers of wax without a single swirl in the paint. She has also recently become fixated on modifying her car to stand out at local car meets, focusing on rare, yet highly coveted aftermarket parts. Her M3 is slowly being prepared to hold its own on the track, which is the only place she can truly stretch her legs and drive at the limit.

        As perfect as the M3 is, being a modified sports car creates limits. Her other vehicle is a crossover SUV, namely, a 2016 Tiguan R-line. It’s perfect for road trips and her outdoor lifestyle, as well as transporting the kids around town. The kids in Manda’s case are
        3 dogs, who she loves with all her heart.

        Manda 'Mew' Marza BWM

        Just Shut Up and hold on.

        When we asked what car she would take on a first date, Manda decided that a Nissan R35 GT-R would be her choice. She went on to say that her experiences with new GTR’s gave her the feeling that you could smash the throttle every which way and rely on the sophisticated traction control systems to save your butt. You’ll be less likely to crash if you try to impress your date, which is almost a requirement behind a sports car like a GTR. Also, if your date complains about the rough ride and rawness of the car you’ll know they’re not the right one. Most importantly it’s a great valet car to park in front of the restaurant. It’ll show that you’ve got the goods and even a little bad ass.

        Manda's Favourite Things

        Between the great chassis, incredible power and comfortable cabin, Manda chose the M3’s engine and its unique sound as her favorite thing. The low-rev rumble is unique, and the aggressive noise produced at high-revs is simply to die for, especially with her modified exhaust system. This is definitely a masculine car, particularly in modified form, and no one expects to see a girl climb out of the driver’s side. The bigger the shock on people’s faces, the greater the fun.

        Manda enjoys driving on Southern California’s canyon roads. It is a densely populated region, but in between the tight cities are some of the greatest roads in the state, provided you know where to find them. The highways far north above Orange County or north east above San Diego have perfectly smooth roads with next to zero traffic.

        Being constantly surrounded by so many great cars your whole life creates a lot of unique and awesome car memories, but some stand out more than others. After some thought, Manda told us the story of her practicing donuts in her first RWD car in a closed off stadium parking lot until it was a regular weekend activity in high school. Her dad took the car to Discount Tire a month after getting new tires fuming mad due to extremely uneven tire wear. Of course, he never suspected anything from sweet Manda and thought it was a faulty alignment job – still not knowing to this day that she tried to miserably recreate scenes from Tokyo drift every weekend until her car couldn’t take it anymore.

        Now Manda takes things more seriously. Her mods focus on function over form, she is enrolling in driving schools and wants to regularly participate in track days at the famous race tracks of California. What’s next after her M3? She doesn’t see herself getting rid of the M3 anytime soon, but she does see either a 987 Porsche Boxster Spyder or a R35 GTR in her future.

        A Triple Grande Breve Latte with whipped cream please.

        Manda Marza

        Dan Brunn Porsche Automotive Enthusiast

        Grab a spoon and seize the day, one jar at a time. - Dan Brunn

        He was a kid in the airport with a matchbox car in hand

        This Californian based architect has been a car enthusiast since the age of 5. Living in Tel Aviv for the first 7 years of his life, Dan wasn’t accustomed to seeing a lot of expensive exotic cars as there simply weren’t any in Israel back then. His main obsessions were his Matchbox cars, but as soon as he landed on U.S. soil, everything changed. That’s when Dan first saw a Porsche 911, and it immediately stood out to him as something special and he yearned for the day he could actually be behind the wheel of a Porsche.

        Oddly the Porsche wasn’t the first car he fell in love with. That title goes to the Mercedes 300SL. To this very day, Dan admires it like no other car. The tube space-frame structure was so unique for the time, that there was no way of describing the car other than a masterpiece. It was the Mercedes 300SL which proved to be a real eye-opener for Dan. He finally understood what “form follows function” meant in practice.

        An espresso macchiato per piacere

        Driving down the scenic PCH with the wheel of a 911 Porsche in one hand and a espresso macchiato in the other is where Dan Brunn finds himself at home the most. Now days you might find him in one of his three collectible cars blasting the sounds of Duran Duran's Hungry Like the Wolf (one of his favorites form the 80's).

        The first car Dan has in his garage is a rare, previously owned by the Max Factor family, 1994 Mercedes E320 Cabriolet. It’s one out of several hand-built of its kind, making it extremely rare and unique. Dan drives it occasionally, as he reckons the unicorn-factor of it will drive prices really high, similar to the 280SE Cabriolet. It’s also, in his mind, the last genuine Mercedes vehicle ever built.

        Next, we have a Porsche Carrera 3.2 from 1987 which Dan had to hunt down for over a year before finally acquiring one he was happy with. The iconic profile and unique design drew him in, but it’s the driving involvement and requirements which really made a big impression. If you think he left it stock, you’re fooled however. He upgraded it with 17-inch Fuchs wheels, rolled fenders, original Porsche Sport seats with Alcantara and leather for the interior, a re-covered steering wheel and a few other minor bits. The next major job will be the suspension, as he plans on bringing it up to modern standards.

        A BMW M5 is in charge of the daily driving duties. Dan loves his BMW's and at one point he owned a 7-Series as a daily driver. When it was time to retire the BMW 7 Series he decided to purchase a second BMW 7 Series as he enjoyed driving it so much. Seeing as how the new BMW 7 Series is not available in a standard wheelbase in North America, he recently decided to ditch the limo and go for his M5 instead. The aroma of his new cars leather tantalized his sense of smell and yet he still yearns for his weekend drive so he can ignite his childhood memories in his Porsche(s).

        It was a rainy day, at around 2am, on the 110 Freeway in DTLA

        When asked to recollect a memorable automotive moment Dan didn't chose a conventional positive memory behind the wheel. As a matter of fact this incident may be one many of us would rather forget. But not Dan, Dan thrives on lessons learned behind the wheel whether good or bad.

        It happened on the 110 Freeway in DTLA, when his SVT Cobra decided to bite him for no apparent reason as it took him for a 540 degree spin. Thankfully he recovered and learned that a lot of horse power and a not so great chassis are not things to play with.

        Nutella, a Porsche and
        the Open Road

        After going through his Instagram account we began to wonder where Dan's passions truly lie. He may love creating beautiful architectural masterpieces and fast cars but if he drops by your home or office for a visit make sure to keep your jars of Nutella under lock and key. He may just grab a spoon along with your jar of Nutella and make a run for his Porsche to seize the day. Dan can get hungry at times... Hungry Like the Wolf.

        Grab a spoon and seize the day, one jar at a time.

        Dan Brunn

        The pavement is new and there is almost no traffic. - Joey B Junior

        White, blue and a little bite.

        Joe has never been a stranger to high-performance cars. Ever since his father purchased a 1996 Dodge Viper RT/10 back in the late 1997, he fell in love not just with its white color and blue stripe combination, but with the entire car as an entity in general. Naturally, his favorite car as a kid was the Dodge Viper, more specifically the one his dad owned.

        THE RED HEADS.

        Joe’s bedroom walls were mainly decorated with posters of the Dodge Viper, but also some Italian exotics in the form of the Ferrari Testarossa and the Lamborghini Countach. He liked everything exotic and fast, and still does to this very day.

        Oh... the sound of a
        aspirated V10.

        He currently owns a 2015 Mercedes-Benz C400 4Matic equipped with the AMG package which is mostly used as a daily driver, but that didn’t stop Joe from further enhancing it by taking it over to BMS to get it tuned. His love for the Viper never stopped, so when the fifth generation came out in 2013, he had to have it. But not just any Viper would have done. Joe’s 2016 Dodge Viper is the TA 2.0 (Time Attack) edition, a limited production run Viper (his is number 19). The package adds more aero, lighter wheels, upgraded suspension and brakes as well as all-around tweaks to nearly everything, but Joe didn’t leave it there. He had an Arrow tune done to it and fitted it with Belanger headers.

        Having a limited production Viper is great, but Joe says he really enjoys the naturally aspirated V10 engine, its immediate response, the track ready suspensions, wheels, tires and brakes, and of course, the fact that it’s one of the last true exotics to be still sold with a six-speed manual transmission instead of an automatic.

        Joe likes taking his Viper for a spin on the New Jersey garden state parkway south bound from exits 82-44. He likes the fact that the pavement there is new and that there’s almost no traffic, plus the scenery isn’t too bad either. As fun as driving sports cars on the street is (he’s driven several), Joe’s most memorable automotive moment came in the form of a track day. He took his Dodge Viper TA to an official race track to have some fun with it, and he sure did. He used his car exactly what it was designed for, and we salute him for that.

        Nonno's car can't hurt anyone.

        When most people would like the most expensive and exotic car for taking someone out on a first date, Joe would rather do it in his grandparents’ old car. That way he can find out if they actually like him or if they’re just in love with the car he’s driving. For the second and third date he’d choose a Mercedes S65 AMG and a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder fitted with a twin-turbo kit, to truly show his potential partner his passion for automobiles.

        Given the chance, he’d like to have a one-time dinner with Michael Fux, a NJ businessman, philanthropist and car collector. Joe thinks that because they have so much in common, the conversation revolving around cars and business between the two of them would be a great one.

        The pavement is new and there is almost no traffic.

        Joey B Junior

        It may take 15 minutes longer to get home but it’s an extra 15 minutes well spent. - Enzo

        It all started with a Matchbox car.

        Enzo has had pure joy for everything automotive from the very first moment his dad purchased a collection of Matchbox cars for him to play with. He recalls playing with them for hours upon end as a child. From that moment on he was hooked, and there was no going back.


        He liked building and enjoying model replicas and decorating his computer with car wallpapers. He was most enthusiastic about exotic and muscle cars. It’s what defined Enzo as a car guy today. He’s not one to take sides with one particular group. Instead, he chooses to enjoy both, to taste all flavors and revel in them. Who says you can’t be a muscle car guy and one loving exotics at the same time? Enzo is proof that all cars are special and unique, and that by taking a side you’re only denying yourself the experience.

        Elegant lines.
        Amazing Curves.

        So what was his first love? The Porsche 911. It was his first automotive love and one that has stuck with him through all the years. Enzo says he really likes the timeless curves and elegant lines the car possesses, and who can blame him. It’s a never-aging design that has been original and unique for more than 50 years.

        My little

        Enzo enjoys his 2015 Mercedes GLK for the day-to-day commute but his 2016 Mustang GT with the Performance Pack is his baby. The GLK is, well, a really good SUV, but it’s the Mustang that provides him with a pick-me-up. The modern twist on the classic Mustang lines and characteristics is what drew Enzo in. Well, that and the new coyote motor. Enzo really enjoys the 435-hp power (who wouldn’t), and can get a little rev-happy at times with the 5.0-liter V-8.

        On the days Enzo takes his pony to work he takes a longer route tearing up through twisty roads and open fields to fully enjoy his ride. It may take 15 minutes longer to get home but it’s an extra 15 minutes well spent.

        At one point, Enzo owned a fully built Honda S2000 which even took on a Porsche and managed to stay with it. Over a single shot of Espresso Enzo reminisces to that moment as his most memorable one, slightly sad that he no longer has the S2000.

        That just isn't gonna work.

        On the topic of the future of cars, he didn’t really seem that keen or passionate. He understands the need for self-driving cars as well as their practicality and purpose, but claims that for true car enthusiasts like himself, that just isn’t going to work. Enthusiasts want performance, noise, and most importantly, the ability to do all the hard work themselves.

        It may take 15 minutes longer to get home but it’s an extra 15 minutes well spent.


        Riccardo Guidetti

        Rear wheel drive, a shifter and a road with a few curves is all i need. - Riccardo Guidetti

        Smoke, tire squeal and sliding sideways.

        A passion for anything involving wheels and an engine from a very young age, Riccardo Guidetti didn’t just like cars, but he actually understood cars. He was able to name nearly every manufacturer and model by the age of 6. One of his favorite games involved guessing rim sizes and equipment on any given vehicle. If that doesn’t speak automotive passion we don't know what does.


        His ultimate dream car, the one he fell in love with first, was the Lamborghini Diablo, one of the very few vehicles which decorated nearly every young boy’s bedroom back in the 1990’s. The color of choice for Riccardo is purple (which matches his outgoing personality we would say).

        Second place is not a defeat.
        It's the start.

        Riccardo also know as "Piddy" is living life going sideways for a reason. After months of watching online videos and dreaming of running in a drift competition, He gave into the temptation, and booked a course at the school of "Solocurveditraverso" and set his sights on making it as a drifter. In his very first season in the Italian drift Championship he placed 2nd in one of the races. Truly a memorable moment for him.

        His competition car is a beastly BMW M3. He fell in love with its amazing, balanced chassis, responsive power delivery and a soundtrack to die for. He currently also owns a brand-new Smart vehicle, obviously for daily driving purposes, and a Volkswagen Amarok used to ferry stuff on racing weekends.

        Espresso, a GT-R and Scarlet

        Sometimes you can catch Riccardo sipping his espresso, daydreaming about the time he drove a Nissan GT-R R35 to over 300 km/h. His thoughts can wonder off in a different direction however. Ones involving Scarlet Johansson and a fantasy date. And of course, she would be the one paying for the meal. :) Given the choice Rob would take an R34 GT-R on his first date with her, but knowing Riccardo, he may just decide to ditch Scarlett and take the car. Less distractions equals more focus on the driving.

        Rear wheel drive, a shifter and a road with
        a few curves is all i need.

        Riccardo Guidetti

        Open roads and great scenery with no traffic. You can't beat it. - Tony Serpini

        Driving on the left side of the road is normal.

        With Italian blood running through his veins this UK born auto enthusiast has loved cars since the age of five. His bedroom walls as a kid were decorated with the best Italian exotics, the Lamborghini Countach and the Ferrari 288 GTO. He loved the lines and colors of both of them, dreaming that he would one day own them. They weren’t his number one choice however, because that spot was for the Ford Capri MK2. A rather unconventional choice by many standards, but it was his first car love. Many still consider the Capri MK2 a great car, including us, so we can’t say we blame him.

        Not to be confused with a shamrock!

        The design, engineering and the heritage of exotic vehicles have always interested Tony but its the four leaf clover that he fell passionately in love with. You may officially call him an Alfista on many accounts. To begin he owns six of them. (yes, you read that right, it isn’t a typo). He owns three Alfa Romeo 1750 GTVs, one being a MK1 car from 1970 and two MK2 vehicles from 1971. Then we have a somewhat newer Alfa Romeo 155 2.0 TS – Carabinieri Replica from 1997 (Carabinieri is the Italian police), an Alfa Romeo Spider (916) 2.0 TS from 1997, as well as an Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 JTS (2002). He loves them all for different reasons, but mainly because of their gorgeous design, excellent engineering, superb handling, amazing noise and out of this world performance for their time. Then there’s the small matter of Alfa’s rich history and the passion they bring with them. This does beg the question however: what does Tony decide to take for a drive when he’s in the mood for one?

        Coffee, Cameras & Cars.

        Tony has had a few memorable automotive moments, the first one being the fact that he had the opportunity to drive a Ferrari Dino 246 GTS at just 21 years old one. He’s also driven a Lotus Elise around the entire Silverstone GP track for a staggering 45 minutes and he’s taken the newest Alfa Romeo 4C for a test drive at the Millbrook proving grounds. We suspect the latter was his favorite. As for regular drivers, you can mostly find him on any open road with great scenery, particularly the highlands of Scotland and the Cote D’Azure, but only when there aren’t a lot of people.

        A sense of humour, but with style

        His pick of car for a first date would be the Fiat 600D with suicide doors. It’s unconventional, again, but it will really test his partner. If she still goes out with him without knowing what the car is, then she’s interested in him and not the car. If she, on the other hand, recognizes what a truly legendary motor it is, then he struck gold.

        Open roads and great scenery with no traffic.
        You can't beat it.

        Tony Serpini